Selection Process Overview (PRA-NB)

PRA-NB has a multi-step selection process. Meeting the minimum requirements for each phase does not guarantee that an applicant will be selected to advance to the next step of the program.


Step 1: Application 

For PRA-NB's first cohort, applications will be open from October 1st to October 31st, 2023. After this period has elapsed no further applications will be accepted for our first cohort. For future cohorts, applications will be received on an ongoing basis.  

Below are the instructions that all PRA-NB applicants should follow: 

  • Please do not complete the application for PRA-NB until you have carefully reviewed the program eligibility criteria.  
  • All applicants for PRA-NB must submit a complete application for medical registration (AMR) to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB) via The intended scope of practice must be in Family practice.  
  • CPSNB application fees of 450$ are non-refundable and do not guarantee eligibility for the program. MCC-AMR application fee is also non-refundable.
  • When you are completing your AMR, read the instructions and answer each question carefully. Any errors, discrepancies, or omissions will delay the review of your application and may deem it ineligible. 
  • Prepare all required documents in advance, including ensuring all credentials required are submitted for source verification via, translated to English or French and shared with CPSNB where applicable, as proof of documentation is requested to review your application. 
  • Additional documents may be requested after applying in order to determine your eligility. 

Once the application is completed, the College determines the applicant's eligibility and will send a decision email regarding the application and next steps, if applicable.  

Step 2: Selection  

Once candidates are deemed eligible by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB) to enter PRA-NB’s selection process, candidates will have to complete the following three (3) steps to be considered for PRA-NB’s Clinical Field Assessment (CFA).  

  1. Therapeutics Decision-Making (TDM) Examination 

Candidates who meet all the pre-screening eligibility criteria will be referred to sit the Medical Council of Canada Therapeutics Decision-Making (TDM) Examination (MCC TDM) if they do not already have a current pass standing on the MCC TDM Examination. The TDM Examination is available in English and French. 

  1. Interview with PRA-NB Panel  

An eligible candidate who passes the MCC TDM Examination may be invited to a personal interview by the PRA-NB Selection Panel.  

The purpose of the interview is to determine personal and professional suitability to practice family medicine in New Brunswick. PRA-NB’s Interview Panel will take into consideration the following suitability criteria in ranking candidates:  

  • length and relevance of family medicine practice, 
  • currency of practice, 
  • relevance of scope of practice, 
  • relevance of rotations, 
  • MCC exam scores, and 
  • other factors deemed relevant by the Selection Panel. 
  1. Matching process with the Regional Health Authorities  

Candidates who have been referred to the MCC TDM Examination and have passed, and successfully completed an interview with the PRA-NB Interview Panel will be referred to the Regional Health Authorities (RHA) (Horizon and Vitalité), who will facilitate interviews between the candidates and their medical staff.  

The Regional Health Authorities will provide the names of suitable candidates to the PRA-NB for the final selection process to enter into a Clinical Field Assessment (CFA).   

  1. Final Selection 

A final review of eligible candidates’ files, MCC TDM results, interview scores, and RHA matching results will be assessed by the PRA-NB program for final and formal selection for participation in the program. 

Candidates who are chosen to become participants of PRA-NB’s CFA will be invited to an orientation process to prepare for the CFA.  

Step 3: Assessment 

Information regarding the Assessment process is under development and will be made available soon.  

Step 4: Return of Service  

Information regarding Return of Service for the PRA-NB program will be made available soon.  


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