Eligibility Criteria - PRA-NB

Please note that selection for PRA-NB is very competitive and that meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee selection into the program. The PRA-NB makes the final decision to accept an applicant into the program based on the selection process and the program’s assessment capacity. 

To move forward to the selection process for the PRA-NB Program, the candidate must satisfy the following pre-screening requirements:   

Medical Education 

Have a medical degree from a medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and which is acceptable in Canada 

Eligibility to Work 

Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or be legally entitled to live and work in New Brunswick  

Language Proficiency 

Meet English or French language proficiency requirements as set out in the Language Proficiency Policy 

Training and Practice Experience 

Have successfully completed a combination of training and practice experience relevant to Family Medicine, as follows: 

  • Have successfully completed (2) two years of postgraduate training (or internship program) resulting in certification, recognition and practice in Family Medicine or General Practice and (1) one year of independent unsupervised licensed practice; 


  • Have successfully completed (1) one year of postgraduate training (or internship program) resulting in certification, recognition and practice in Family Medicine or General Practice and (2) two years of independent unsupervised licensed practice 

Core Rotations

Have successfully completed 7 core rotations during post-graduate training (or internship program) in the following fields:  

  • A minimum of 8 weeks in family medicine or general practice, and 
  • A minimum of 4 weeks in each of:  surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, and psychiatry. 

Currency of Practice 

Be current in clinical practice for at least 450 hours within 3 years preceding candidate application 

Proof of Good Character and Standing 

Provide evidence of good character and evidence of fitness to practise, including professional and ethical behavior, which may include: 

  • certificates of professional conduct from each jurisdiction in which the candidate held a licence; 
  • letters of reference;  
  • a criminal record check meeting the requirements set out in the Criminal Record Check Policy; and  
  • other information as requested by the College, 


Have successfully completed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1(MCCQE1). Preference will be given to candidates who have also successfully completed the National Assessment Collaboration Examination. 

PRA Attempts 

Have no more than one (1) previous unsuccessful attempt in a Canadian PRA program within a five-year period.  

A PRA attempt is defined as participation in an over-time assessment period. Please note that other PRA Programs in Canada include a point-in-time assessment. Point-in-time assessments alone are not considered PRA attempts for the purposes of this policy. 



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