PRA-NB at a Glance

The primary goal of PRA-NB is to ensure that internationally trained physicians participating in the program meet Canadian equivalent standards of medical expertise and patient care, while also addressing the need to increase the number of family physicians practising in the province.

Why is PRA-NB important for New Brunswick? 

Addresses the Healthcare Needs of New Brunswick

Internationally trained physicians are already an essential component of New Brunswick's healthcare system with nearly a third of all doctors in the province receiving their medical degrees outside of Canada.

New Brunswick faces unique healthcare challenges including demographic shifts, increasing demand for medical services, and in particular a growing need for family physicians.

Assures Patient Safety by Assessing Competence

Through the PRA-NB assessment process, patient safety remains a guiding value, ensuring that only safe and competent physicians are granted licensure to practice in the province. PRA-NB will conduct comprehensive evaluations of the knowledge, skills, and clinical acumen of its candidates, ensuring that they meet the standards of healthcare in Canada.

Increases Healthcare Workforce

By facilitating the entry of qualified physicians into the healthcare workforce, PRA-NB aims to address the shortage of medical practitioners in underserved areas, ultimately enhancing access to healthcare services for all residents of New Brunswick.


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