The College is seeking feedback on three professional standards. We welcome feedback from our registrants, the public and our health care partners as we revise professional standards on the topics of continuity of care, episodic care and virtual care.

Your input will help inform the College’s professional standards and ensure they reflect current practice issues, embody the duties of medical professionalism, and are consistent with our mandate to act in the public interest.

Continuity of care

Continuity of care is important to ensure patients receive required follow-up care. This standard sets the College’s expectations of physicians with respect to ordering investigations, making referrals, working in team-based environments, taking leaves of absence and transferring care.

Episodic care

Episodic care refers to isolated primary care encounters where neither the physician nor the patient have an expectation of an ongoing primary care relationship. This standard establishes clinical and administrative requirements for physicians working in episodic care settings, to ensure good patient care despite the episodic relationship between patient and physician.

Virtual care

Virtual care has become a more prominent method of care that can be used to complement in-person care. This standard sets the College’s expectation for physicians who choose to provide virtual care as part of their practice. The standard covers requirements for providing virtual care, including appropriateness of use, consent and confidentiality, and licencing requirements.

How to provide feedback:

Please submit any feedback you have on the above standards to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the subject line please specify the standard(s) on which you are providing feedback. If you are providing feedback on multiple standards, clearly show which feedback pertains to which standard to ensure we are correctly interpreting your feedback.

The consultation period will close on July 31, 2024.