*NEW* Atlantic Registry

The Atlantic Registry was created to enable physicians to easily move and practise across all four Atlantic provinces. 


You may be eligible for the Atlantic Registry through College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB) if you:

  • hold a Regular Licence;
  • are not subject to a Licensing Sanction as outlined below:
    • the revocation of a physician’s registration or licence; 
    • the suspension of a physician’s licence; or
    • the imposition of restrictions or conditions on a licence, including those conditions or restrictions agreed to by a physician in an agreement or undertaking.
  • are not the subject of an open complaint which has been referred to a disciplinary panel or tribunal and a decision is pending;
  • are not subject to monitoring or undergoing a quality assurance or fitness to practice review as a result of a concern raised regarding the physician’s health or competency to practice medicine; and
  • there are no other serious issues relating to your file identified by the Registrar.


Your opt-in must be completed through your home College, defined by the College in the Atlantic province where you hold an annual licence to practise medicine and the location of my usual place of practice. 

As a physician holding a Regular Licence in New Brunswick, follow the steps below to apply:

Complete the opt-in form

  • Download the opt-in form
  • Send us your completed form by email with the subject of “Atlantic Registry”:
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Once CPSNB has received your completed consent form there will be an internal review of your file completed. If you are deemed eligible, you will be required to pay the Atlantic Registry fee prior to being approved. 

If approved for registration on the Atlantic Registry, CPSNB will notify each of the other Atlantic Colleges to provide you with a licence through the Atlantic Registry. 

Please do not begin practising outside of New Brunswick until you have obtained confirmation of your licence in the other Atlantic province in which you intend to practise.


Renewal on the Atlantic Registry

Your participation in the Registry will renew as part of your annual licensing renewal in New Brunswick. You do not have to complete renewals in the three other provinces. 

As long as you continue to meet the requirements of the Atlantic Registry, your licence in all other Atlantic provinces will automatically renew. Your renewal will be automatic unless you have:

  • submitted written notice to the CPSNB to opt out of the Atlantic Registry
  • been removed from the Atlantic Registry for no longer meeting the eligibility criteria

Details provided as part of your annual renewal may be shared with other Atlantic Colleges. 


The fee to maintain licensure on the Atlantic Registry is $500 per year in addition to any annual licensing fee with CPSNB.


Any complaint initiated against you will be adjudicated in the province where the encounter with the patient took place. This information will be shared with all Atlantic Colleges. 

Application of policies, standards, by-law’s and provincial laws

You are expected to abide by the College policies, standards, by-laws and provincial laws of the province where you are practising.

Data sharing

When you opt in to the Atlantic Registry, you consent to share your information with all other Atlantic Colleges, in the Atlantic Registry agreement. This includes but is not limited to the outcome of any renewals, or issues of character, competence, or capacity.


You will remain licensed on the Atlantic Registry with all Atlantic Colleges through your CPSNB renewal unless:

  • you opt-out;
  • your usual place of practice is no longer within an Atlantic province;
  • you fail to meet the requirements for an issuance or renewal of a regular licence by CPSNB; 
  • you fail to continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the Atlantic Registry; or 
  • an Atlantic College identifies an issue with your conduct, capacity, or competence that no longer qualifies you for participation in the Atlantic Registry.



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