1. The Registrar shall on or before the first day of December in each year, mail to each member then holding a license a written Notice in Form "A" or to like effect respecting the renewal of his licence.
  2. Every member who wishes to have his licence renewed for the following calendar year shall pay to the Registrar or such person as he may nominate on or before the first day of January, the prescribed annual license fee and, if applicable, the prescribed annual membership fee of the New Brunswick Medical Society
  3. The licence and, if applicable, the specialist license of a member shall be suspended if the member fails to pay:

    1. by the 1st of January, the prescribed annual license fee or fees, and all such other fees, penalties, or other amounts owing to the College;
    2. by the 1st of March, the prescribed annual membership of the New Brunswick Medical Society, upon notification of the Registrar by the Society.

  4. The ability to demonstrate continuing coverage under a contract for professional liability insurance, or to similar effect, is a condition of licence renewal. 

Adopted 9/85; amended 11/92; 9/93; 9/95; 11/97; consolidated 2/99; amended 11/12; 4/19

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