Telemedicine is the use of communication and information technology to deliver medical services and information over distances. 

The requirement for licensure to provide telemedicine services into New Brunswick will depend on the nature and frequency of such service. 

A physician may be entered on the Telemedicine Provider List, without licensure, in order to provide occasional or limited telemedicine services into New Brunswick. 

Requirements for doing so are as follows:

  1. The physician is licensed with a medical regulatory authority acceptable to Council.  There should be no restrictions on such licensure which would impact the intended telemedicine services.

  2. The physician will maintain such licensure at all times when providing the intended telemedicine service.
  3. The intended telemedicine services will be of a nature and frequency acceptable to Council.

  4. The physician asserts, and provides evidence when requested, of appropriate malpractice coverage or such other assistance, including membership with the Canadian Medical Protective Association, as necessary in regards to the intended telemedicine service.

  5. The physician agrees to make reasonable efforts to comply with any statutes, regulations, rules, or policies, in New Brunswick which would apply if the intended service was provided within the province.

  6. The physician agrees to make no effort to require any New Brunswick resident, as a precondition of receiving the intended service, to agree to any release regarding choice of laws or forum, should any legal action arise from the provision of the telemedicine service. 

  7. The physician agrees to accept the authority of the medical regulatory authority of their home jurisdiction to consider any complaint which may arise from the provision of this telemedicine service.

Listing will be for the calendar year and will be renewable.

Adopted 9/08