All members must recognize and respect that the principal purpose of advertising the delivery of medical services is to provide the public with truthful and accurate information in a manner that will not damage the integrity of the profession. Accordingly, for the purposes of Part II of the Medical Act, professional misconduct includes the direct, or indirect publication, display, distribution, or use of any advertisement, announcement, or other public statement regarding a member's practice, or the sanctioning of, or acquiescence to, such activity, if such advertisement, announcement, or statement:

  1. is, by the inclusion or omission of any information,
    1. false or inaccurate;
    2. misleading, deceptive or likely to be misinterpreted; or
    3. unprofessional or irresponsible; or

  2. compares, directly, or by implication, a member's or members' services or ability with that of any other member or members, whether named or not; or

  3. contains testimonials or endorsements of the member or services available from the member; or

  4. creates or implies any promise or expectation regarding the results of treatment by the member; or

  5. appears to take advantage of anyone in any way; or

  6. is of a nature, in style or content, which could bring the member or the profession into disrepute; or

  7. does not adhere to the principal purpose of advertising the delivery of medical services.

Adopted 2/91; replaced 4/96; consolidated 2/99

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