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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick has responsibility within the province of New Brunswick, Canada for:

  • the licensing of physicians
  • monitoring standards of medical practice
  • investigating complaints against physicians

In addition to these three primary areas of responsibility, the College is often approached for advice in ethical, medical-legal, and general quality of care matters. The College operates under the authority of the Medical Act and applicable regulations.

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This Bulletin is forwarded to every medical practitioner in the province. Decisions of the College on matters of standards, amendments to Regulations, By-Laws, guidelines, etc., are published in Bulletins. The College therefore assumes that a practitioner should be aware of these matters.


Officers and Councillors 1993-1994

President - Dr. G.D. Surette, Moncton
Vice-President - Dr. L.M. Higgins, Saint John

Dr. David Beaudin, Saint John
Dr. Christine Davies, Saint John Dr. Michael Perley, Woodstock
Dr. Jacques Corbin, Edmundston
Dr. Beatriz Sainz, Oromocto
Dr. Matthew Swan, Campbellton
Registrar - Dr. Ed Schollenberg

Dr. Donald Carson, Bathurst
Dr. William Martin, Newcastle
Dr. David Olmstead, Fredericton
Mr. Marcel Sormany, Edmundston
Ms. Suzanne Toole, Saint John
Dr. Pamela Walsh, Riverview

Council Report:

The Following matters were considered by Council at its meeting on September 23, 1993.

Dr. X:

It was alleged that a physician with an acknowledged problem with substance abuse was acting in such a way that the public interest required that his license to practice be suspended immediately pending a Board of Inquiry. Attempts to reach a compromise had been unsuccessful.

Council voted unanimously to suspend this physician's license and appointed a Board of Inquiry to consider the matter.

Complaints and Registration Committee:

The Complaints and Registration Committee reported the following matters:

  1. There was a complaint regarding the management of recurrent abdominal pain by a family physician. While improved communication may have avoided the complaint, it was concluded that there was no fault with the care provided.
  2. There was a complaint regarding the communication provided to the son of an elderly patient. The son lived out of the country. The complaint concerned the quality of information provided to him by the family doctor. It was concluded that the physician had not been sufficiently considerate of the patient's family, but no further action was warranted. Physicians are reminded of their obligation under the Code of Ethics:

    "An ethical physician will be considerate of the anxiety of the patient's next-of-kin and cooperate with them in the patient's interest."

Fitness to Practise Committee:

The Fitness to Practice Committee reported on the following matters:

  1. In response to concerns regarding the quality of care provided by a physician, the physician was ordered to submit to a review of his clinical skills.
  2. There was an appeal from the decision of Council dismissing a complaint regarding an injury allegedly suffered during an operative procedure. It was concluded that there was no error in the previous decision and the appeal was dismissed.

Annual Fees:

Council reviewed the draft budget and recommended that there be no increase in the regular annual license fee of $600.00. Some changes in registration fees and the licensing fees for Corporations are proposed and will be finalized later.

In any case, the invoices for the annual dues will be mailed in the middle of November. Physicians are asked to follow the instructions and return the entire form, as was required last year.

It should also be noted that, as was the case last year, fees received after January 1st will be considered late and an additional charge of $100 will be applied.

Council has also approved a By-Law amendment which will postpone the date of suspension for non-payment of fees from February 1st to March 1st. This will ensure that physicians have been adequately notified of any impending action.

A large number of physicians are suspended for non- payment of fees who are either retired or have left the province. This is avoidable and physicians who contemplate not renewing their license next year should advise the College accordingly.

Professional Corporations:

The amendment to the Medical Act which changed the rules regarding professional corporations has now been proclaimed. A mailing has gone to all physicians operating professional corporations. The amendments allow for non- physicians to hold non-voting shares of the Corporation. They also allow, in a limited way, non-physicians to be directors of a professional corporation. Current professional corporations may make these changes immediately. They will not be required to notify the College until the time of annual renewal.

College Committees:

The following appointments were ratified by Council:

Executive Committee:
Dr. Georges Surette, Moncton
Dr. Leonard Higgins, Saint John
Dr. Ed Schollenberg, Rothesay

Complaints & Registration Committee/Finance Committee:
Dr. David Beaudin, Saint John
Dr. Leonard Higgins, Saint John
Ms. Suzanne Toole, Saint John
Dr. Christine Davies, Saint John

Fitness to Practice Committee:
Dr. Michael Perley, Woodstock
Dr. Peter Lightfoot, Moncton
Dr. Christopher P. O'Brien, Saint John
Dr. Marven F. Palmer, Fredericton

By-Laws Committee:
Dr. Pamela Walsh, Riverview
Dr. Georges Surette, Moncton
Dr. Ed Schollenberg, Rothesay


Until the L.M.C.C. became widely accepted, New Brunswick set it's own licensing exam. Part of the 1924 exam follows:

Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health
June 24th, 1924, 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Geo. G. Melvin, M.D., D.P.H., Examiner

  1. Define the term "Mental Defective," and give some reasons that upon examination would lead you to conclude that one was of that class.
  2. In one found murdered give some reasons other than verbal testimony that might lead you to suspect that the crime was committed by a "mental defective."

  3. Differentiate, in diagnosis, between Typhoid and Typhus Fever.
  4. What is a "Dark Room" and why is it not sanitary as a living room?
  5. State the principles underlying Ventilation, and define "short-circuiting" in this process.

  6. What is a "water-borne" disease? Give three examples.