College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick

1. For all purposes under the Act and Regulations an applicant is eligible for registration on the Physician Assistants Register and licensure to practise if  

           a) certified by the Physician Assistants Certification Council of the Canadian Association of       
                Physician Assistants;

            b) certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants;

            c) a graduate of another Physician Assistant training program acceptable to Council.

 2.  Physician Assistants shall only practise in the direct employment of a Regional Health Authority unless specifically authorized by Council.

3.  A Physician Assistant shall only practise under the supervision of an identified physician or physicians.

4.  A Physician Assistant shall only practise within the scope of their training and recent experience. 

5.  A supervising physician shall only delegate or authorize a Physician Assistant to practise within the scope of the physician’s training or recent experience.

6.  A Physician Assistant may issue prescriptions only for medication which the supervising physician has determined the Physician Assistant is qualified to prescribe; such prescriptions shall identify the Physician Assistant and the supervising physician.

7.  For greater certainty, as associate members of the College, Physician Assistants are subject to all such provisions of the Medical Act and Regulations as may be applicable. 

Adopted 1/10; amended 11/13