Adeyeye Adeola O. Family Medicine NS-18440
Abi-Jaoude Elia Psychiatry ON-80898
Abrams Karen M Psychiatry ON-59327
Almagraby Abdullah Pediatrics NS-18723
Anderson Peter A.M. Urology NS-06986
Atkins Harold Internal Medicine ON-54640
Bechara Robert Gastroenterology ON-88771
Bellisle Marie-Claude Child and Adolescent Psychiatry QC-93196
Bellissimo Agostino M. Emergency Medicine ON-33183
Bentley James Gynecology NS-10886
Bezuhly Michael Plastic Surgery NS-13279
Binnie Matthew W. Respirology ON-70183
Bouzayen Renda Endocrinology and Reproductive Infertility NS-12511
Breau Rodney H. Urology ON-79328
Bukczynski Jacob M. Family Physician ON-90770
Chaparro Cecilia Respiratory Medicine ON-68585
Chiasson Meredith D. Respiratory Medicine NS-14111
Chih Sharon Cardiology NS-92667
Christie Sean Dennis Neurosurgery NS-11414
Chu Jacqueline Emergency Medicine ON-80706
Chung Peter Radiation Oncology ON-76790
Clark Pascale Clinical Immunology NS-16535
Clarke David Bruce Neurology NS-11566
Cockwell Heather Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility NS-14445
Colman Rebecca Respiratory Medicine ON-88784
Connors Lori Ann Clinical Immunology NS-13847
Crooks Bruce Neville Pediatrics NS-13135
Crummey Stephen Anesthesia NL-05729
Danielson Dawn Pediatrician and Metabolic Clinician NS-18370
Dattani Indravadan M. Family Medicine SK-6078
Davies Dafydd A. Paediatric/ General Surgery NS-13589
Davis Kellie Anne A. Medical Genetics NS-16451
Dawson Laura Radiation Oncology ON-66716
De Perrot Marc Thoracic Surgery ON-74483
Donahoe Laura Thoracic Surgery ON-94896
Dyack Sarah Medical Genetics NS-12524
El Khazmy Ahmed Family Medicine ON-22349
Elliott Elizabeth Obstetrics and Gynecology ON-67778
Fasano Alfonso Neurology ON-100137
Fernandez-Castillo Juan-Cesar Respirology  ON-115966
Ferraro Pasquale Thoracic Surgery QC-93397
Filipowska Caroline H. Emergency Medicine ON-93723
Finley Allen Anesthesiology NS-07059
Fisher Harold Emergency Medicine ON-33380
Fletcher Mark Andrew Family Physician NS-011024
Forrest Christopher Plastic Surgery ON-52568
Frenette Mary P. Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-18759
Gnam William Henry Psychiatry ON-60016
Granton John T. Internal Medicine/Respirology ON-58005
Guttman Mark Neurology ON-33440
Hamidi Jinous Psychiatry ON-76106
Hamilton Robert James Urology ON-79420
Herschorn Sender Urology ON-26229
Ikeda Kristin M. Neurology NS-17609
Journeay William S. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine ON-95406
Juvet Stephen  Respirology  ON-77940
Karmali-Rawji Shameela Family Medicine AB-65185
Katzman Martin Psychiatry ON-63918
Keshen Aaron Psychiatry NS-13610
Ko Benjamin Psychiatry AB-13429
Koyle Martin A. Urology ON-96296
Kramer John Family Medicine QC-12432
Krueger Joerg Pediatric Oncology ON-97003
Kulkarni Ketan Pediatric Hematology-Oncology NS-16410
Lalani Shifana Maternal-Fetal Medicine NS-18760
Laperriere Normand Radiation Oncology ON-31398
Levine Noah Family Medicine ON-70333
Lorenzo Armando Urology ON-81424
Lui Jaime Family Physician ON-84678
Mainville Barbara General Practioner ON-55415
Malik Azhar General Surgery ON-57290
Martinu Tereza Respiratory Medicine ON-104313
Mateos-Corral Dimas Pediatric Respirology NS-15410
Mcleod Lynne Maternal-Fetal Medicine NS-11445
McNeely P. Daniel  Neurosurgery NS-11169
Meghji Zahida Psychiatry ON-101485
Mills Jessica Louise A. General Surgery NS-16968
Mokashi Arati Pediatric Endocrinology NS-13389
Molleken Lynda L. Psychiatry ON-63583
Murphy David A. Anesthesiology ON-33103
Murphy Nancy Toxicology NS-11451
Nash Chris Maternal-Fetal Medicine NS-15169
Neilson Grainne Psychiatry NS-10893
Nemeth JOe Emergency Medicine QC-01047
O'Donovan M. Claire  Psychiatry NS-10635
Oppel Caleb Family Medicine BC-27862
Pang Daniel Family Medicine ON-113479
Parhar Gurdeep Family Physician BC-23489
Parkash Sandhya Medical Genetics / Paediatrics NS-13062
Patel Sujay Psychiatry ON-89405
Pauyo Sujay Psychiatry ON-89405
Pierce Marianne Urogynecology NS-14745
Pinhas Leora Psychiatry ON-60935
Pinto Teresa Pediatric Endocrinology NS-13056
Rafuse Paul Ophthalmology NS-10701
Rajwani Talib Psychiatry AB-18007
Randall Elizabeth Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-15617
Rao Vivek Cardiovascular Surgery ON-65313
Reichman Trevor General Surgery ON-90474
Riazi Sheila Anaesthesiology ON-81428
Ripley Michael Reproductive Endocrinology &Infertility NS-14659
Rittenberg Paula Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-13475
Romao Rodrigo Luiz Pinto General Surgery/Urology NS-15999
Rosen-Zaidener Dalia Family Medicine ON-71634
Ross Michael S. Psychiatry ON-30515
Rostis Adam Family Physician NS-16880
Saciragic Lana Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-16466
Sadek Joseph Psychiatry NS-12304
Sarfati David Psychiatry ON-115277
Schwartz Michael L. Neurosurgery ON-21466
Scott Cory Family Medicine ON-10911
Seviour Jane Clare Anesthesiology NS-17620
Shah Chintan Family Medicine ON-11115
Shapera Shane Respiratory Medicine ON-79468
Sharma Anjali Psychiatry ON-89748
Sidhu Amandeep Respiratory Medicine ON-92852
Singer Lianne Respiratory Medicine ON-66503
Smith Anita Urogynecology NS-15308
Snead Orlando Carter Pediatric Neurology ON-69792
Sockanathan Sanjeeve Family Medicine AB-23881
Stevens Annette Psychiatry BC-25366
Stewart Ruth Ann Psychiatry BC-17408
Stone Heather Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-16525
Strasburg Kate Psychiatry ON-88428
Sturm Esther Family Medicine ON-54049
Sutandar Kalam Psychiatry ON-82623
Sylvestre Chantal Family Medicine QC-88167
Taylor Lorraine Psychiatry ON-56967
Tikkanen Jussi Matras Respirology ON-98701
Tsang Derek Radiation Oncology ON-95166
Tulipan Tanya M. Psychiatry NS-14819
Uppal Sahil Family Medicine ON-114082
Vadas Peter Clinical Immunology ON-52518
Van Den Hof Michiel Maternal-Fetal Medicine NS-06206
Van Eyk Nancy Obstetrics and Gynecology NS-13732
Verbora Michael Family Medicine ON-100717
Waddell Tom Thoracic Surgery ON-58357
Wall Donna Hematology ON-111084
Wei Ryan Family Medicine AB-026684
Weise Lutz M. Neurosurgery NS-17113
Wolf Michael Psychiatry ON-83084
Wong Eugene Yat-Yin Family Medicine ON-110834
Wong Rebecca Kwok Sum Radiation Oncology ON-55966
Wood Ellen Patricia Pediatric Neurology NS-12020
Wright Alistair "Stuart" Pediatric Anesthesia NS-13904
Yeung Jonathan Chi-Wai Thoracic Surgery ON-83009

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