SurnameGiven NamesSpecialtyProvince-Licence No.
Abi-Jaoude Elia Psychiatry ON-80898
Anderson Peter A.M. Urology NS-06986
Ashamalla Shady Surgical Oncology ON-82890
Atkins Harold Internal Medicine ON-54640
Bechara Robert Gastroenterology ON-88771
Bezuhly Michael Plastic Surgery NS-13279
Benstead Timothy J. Neurology NS-07091
Binnie Matthew W. Respirology ON-70183
Blackmore Christopher Pediatric Surgery NS-16680
Breau Rodney H. Urology ON-79328
Chaparro Cecilia Respiratory Medicine ON-68585
Chiasson Meredith D. Respiratory Medicine NS-14111
Chih Sharon Cardiology NS-92667
Chow Chung-Wai Respirology ON-60797
Christie Sean Dennis Neurosurgery NS-11414
Chung Peter Radiation Oncology ON-76790
Clarke David Bruce Neurology NS-11566
Clark Pascale Clinical Immunology NS-
Coburn Natalie S.G. Surgical Oncology ON-81634
Colman Rebecca Respiratory Medicine ON-88784
Connors Lori Ann Clinical Immunology NS-13847
Crooks Bruce Neville Pediatrics NS-13135
Cusimano Robert J. Cardiovascular Surgery ON-54600
Danielson Dawn Peadiatrician and Metabolic Clinician NS-18370
Darling Gail Thoracic Surgery ON-50359
Darvesh Sultan Neurology NS-07965
Davies Dafydd A. Paediatric/ General Surgery NS-13589
Dawson Laura Radiation Oncology ON-66716
De Perrot Marc Thoracic Surgery ON-74483
Derfalvi Beata Paediatric Immunology NS-16381
Drake James Neurosurgery ON-93467
Dyack Sarah Medical Genetics NS-12524
El-Hawary Rany (Ron) Orthopedic Surgery NS-13963
Erker Craig Paediatric Hematology NS-17913
Fasano Alfonso Neurology ON-100137
Fernandez-Castillo Juan-Cesar Respirology  ON-115966
Ferraro Pasquale Thoracic Surgery QC-93397
Finley Allen Anesthesiology NS-07059
Forrest Christopher Plastic Surgery ON-52568
Gakhal Natasha K. Rheumatology ON-84308
Grant David Robert Genral Surgery ON-50172
Granton John T. Internal Medicine/Respirology ON-58005
Greig Paul David General Surgery ON-53617
Gupta Rudra R. Ophthalmology NS-16375
Gula Lorne Radiation Oncology ON-71245
Gulati Pratima Neurology NS-
Guttman Mark Neurology ON-33440
Hamilton Robert James Urology ON-79420
Hawkins Ralph G. Internal Medicine/Nephrology AB-08650
Herschorn Sender Urology ON-26229
Huber Adam Pediatric Rheumatology NS-12383
Hussain Ahsen Ophthamology NS-17638
Ikeda Kristin M. Neurology NS-17609
Issekutz Thomas B. Pediatric Immunology NS-06306
Jaychuk Gregory A. Psychiatry ON-54381
Juren Andrew J. Family Medicine BC-32731
Juvet Stephen  Respirology  ON-77940
Kapur Sandeep Clinical Immunology NS-10864
Katzman Martin Psychiatry ON-63918
Klotz Laurence Urology ON-30375
Konvalinka Ana Nephrology ON-79578
Koyle Martin A. Urology ON-96296
Kramer John Family Medicine QC-12432
Krueger Joerg Pediatric Oncology ON-97003
Krzyzanowska Monika Medical Oncology ON-69121
Kulkarni Ketan Pediatric Hematology Oncology NS-16410
Lacuesta Gina A. Allergy and Clinical Immunology NS-12052
Laperriere Normand Radiation Oncology ON-31398
Lewis Darrell Ophthamology NS-15820
Lewis Stephen Orthopedic Surgery ON-62300
Lipsman Nir Neurosurgery ON-86216
Lorenzo Armando Urology ON-81424
MacArthur George Roderick Cardiac Surgery AB-
MacLellan Dawn Urology NS-11444
Malik Azhar General Surgery ON-57290
Martinu Tereza Respiratory Medicine ON-104313
Mateos-Corral Dimas Pediatric Respirology NS-15410
McHenry Mary M. Pediatric Allergy NS-15001
McNeely P. Daniel  Neurosurgery NS-11169
Mills Jessica Louise A. General Surgery NS-16968
Mokashi Arati Pediatric Endocrinology NS-13389
Moon Michael Cardiac Surgery AB-24835
Munhoz Renato P. Neurology ON-78681
Murphy David A. Anesthesiology ON-33103
O'Brien Daniel Ophthalmology NS-07661
Osten Mark Cardiology ON-75254
Ouellet Jean A. Orthopedic Surgery QC-01404
Oza Amit Internal Medicine ON-65839
Parkash Sandhya Medical Genetics / Paediatrics NS-13062
Parks Natalie E. Neurology NS-15613
Patel Sujay Psychiatry ON-89405
Pauyo Thierry Orthopedic Surgery QC-18152
Pickett Gwynedd Neurosurgery NS-14809
Pinto Teresa E. Pediatric Endocrinology NS-13056
Poirier Charles Respirology / Internal Medicine QC-194195
Price Victoria Pediatric Hematology NS-13761
Rafuse Paul Ophthalmology NS-10701
Rao Vivek Cardiovascular Surgery ON-65313
Reichman Trevor General Surgery ON-90474
Rex Gregory Pediatrics/Clinical Immunology NS-13144
Riazi Sheila Anaesthesiology ON-81428
Romao Rodrigo Luiz Pinto General Surgery/Urology NS-15999
Ross Michael S. Psychiatry ON-30515
Samad Arif Ophthamology NS-10647
Schoffer Kerrie Neurology NS-557928
Schwartz Michael L. Neurosurgery ON-21466
Seviour Jane Clare Anesthesiology NS-17620
Shapera Shane Respiratory Medicine ON-79468
Sharma Anjali Psychiatry ON-89748
Shuba Lesya Ophthalmology NS-12453
Sidhu Amandeep Respiratory Medicine ON-92852
Singer Lianne Respiratory Medicine ON-66503
Snead Orlando Carter Pediatric Neurology ON-69792
Spinelli Egidio Neurologie NS-18298
Stevens Annette Psychiatry BC-25366
Stewart Craig Paul Psychiatry ON-98459
Taylor Lorraine Psychiatry ON-56967
Tikkanen Jussi Matras Respirology ON-98701
Tsang Derek Radiation Oncology ON-95166
Tulipan Tanya M. Psychiatry NS-14819
Vadas Peter Clinical Immunology ON-52518
Waddell Tom Thoracic Surgery ON-58357
Wall Donna Heamatology ON-111084
Walling Simon Andrew Neurology NS-10367
Weise Lutz M. Neurosurgery NS-17113
Weiss Shelly K. Pediatric Neurology ON-55397
Wheelock Margaret E. Plastic Surgery NS-176663
Wong Rebecca Kwok Sum Radiation Oncology ON-55966
Wood Ellen Patricia Pediatric Neurology NS-12020
Wright Alistair "Stuart" Pediatric Anesthesia NS-13904
Yeung Jonathan Chi-Wai Thoracic Surgery ON-83009

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