Medical Act

80(1) The Society may make regulations

(a) prescribing the terms and conditions for membership in the Society;

(b) prescribing various classes of membership and the fees payable therefor;

(c) respecting the honour and integrity of the medical profession;

(d) respecting the co-operation of its members in the protection of their rights;

(e) respecting assistance to medical associations and agencies engaged in health services;

(f) providing for the election or appointment of members of the Board of Directors and officers of the Society, and prescribing their duties;

(g) providing for the establishment of committees;

(h) providing for the establishment of local and regional districts;

(i) respecting the calling of meetings, and the procedure thereat including the fixing of quorums; and

(j) for the better administration of the Society;


(k) notice of motion of the regulation is given in writing to all voting members of the Society at least one month prior to the meeting at which the regulation is to be considered; and

(l) two-thirds of the voting members of the Society votes, in person or by proxy, in favour of the regulation.