Medical Act

74 (1) The New Brunswick Medical Society, continued by Section 3 of the previous Act, is hereby continued as a body corporate and politic without share capital. 74 (2) The Society shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire, hold, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of real property, and may sue and be sued. 74 (3) The objects of the Society are

(a) The advancement of medical science in all its branches, the promotion of health and the improvement of medical services;

(b) the prevention of disease in co-operation with health officers, Boards of Health and all others engaged in such works;

(c) the maintenance of high scientific and social status for its members;

(d) the co-operation of its members in the protection of their rights;

(e) the regulation of a minimum scale of fees for members of the Society; and

(f) the consideration of all matters concerning the good and welfare of members of the Society.

74 (4) In addition to any other power conferred by this or any other Act, the Society may do such things as it considers appropriate to advance the objects of the Society and in particular, but not so as to limit the foregoing, the Society

(a) may promote medical science and related arts and sciences;

(b) may promote measures designed to improve standards of hospital and medical services;

(c) may borrow money to carry on its business and affairs and give security for any money so borrowed;

(d) may invest its money in such manner as it sees fit;

(e) may establish local and regional districts;

(f) may fix and collect fees payable to it by its members;

(g) may enter into agreements respecting its business and affairs;

(h) may publish or promote the publication of journals, newsletters, reports, brochures or other papers relative to its interests;

(i) may act as agent within the Province for the Canadian Medical Association or other association representing medical practitioners, and may collect and remit fees levied by any such association;

(j) may receive gifts and bequests from any person and may make gifts to promote its interests;

(k) may act on behalf of any of its members; and

(l) may do all such other things as are desirable to carry on its business and affairs.