Medical Act

71.2(1) Every person employed, retained or appointed for the purpose of the administration of this Act, and every member of Council or a committee of the College shall not be compelled to give testimony in a legal proceeding with regard to matters that come to their knowledge in the course of their duties.

71.2(2) No record of a proceeding or investigation under this Act, no report, document or thing prepared for or statement given at a proceeding or in the course of an investigation under this Act, and no order or decision made in a proceeding under this Act, is admissible as evidence in a legal proceeding other than a proceeding under this Act.

71.2(3) In this section, “legal proceeding” means any civil proceeding, discovery, inquiry, proceeding before a tribunal, Board, Commission, inquest or arbitration, in which evidence may be given and includes an action or proceeding for the imposition of punishment by fine, penalty, or imprisonment for the violation of an act of the Province, but does not include any proceeding or hearing conducted pursuant to this Act or the regulations.