Medical Act

55.4(1) An investigator may copy, at the expense of the College, a document that the investigator may examine under subsection 55.2(2) or under the authority of a warrant under subsection 55.3(1).

55.4(2) An investigator may remove a document referred to in subsection (1) if it is not practicable to copy it in the place where it is examined or a copy is not sufficient for the purposes of the investigation, and may remove any object relevant to the investigation and shall provide the person in whose possession it was with a receipt for the document or object.

55.4(3) An investigator, where a copy can be made, shall return a document removed under subsection (2) within a reasonable time.

55.4(4) A copy of a document certified by an investigator to be a true copy shall be received in evidence in any proceeding to the same extent and shall have the same evidentiary value as the document itself.

55.4(5) In this section, "document" means a record of information in any form and includes any part of it.