Medical Act

55.2(1) The Registrar, with the approval of the President of the College, the Executive Committee, or the Complaints and Registration Committee, may appoint one or more investigators to assist them in their investigation to determine if a member or associate member has committed an act of professional misconduct or the member or associate member is unfit to practise.

55.2(2) An investigator appointed under subsection (1) may at any reasonable time, and upon producing proof of his or her appointment, enter and inspect the business premises of a member and examine anything found there that the investigator has reason to believe will provide evidence in respect of the matter being investigated.

55.2(3) Subsection (2) applies notwithstanding any provision in any Act relating to the confidentiality of health records.

55.2(4) No person shall obstruct, or cause to be obstructed, an investigator while the investigator is performing his or her duties under this Part.

55.2(5) No person shall withhold, conceal or destroy, or cause to be withheld, concealed or destroyed, anything that is relevant to an investigation under this Part.