Medical Act

55.1   Every person involved in the administration of this Part, and any member of the Council, a Board of Inquiry, or a committee of Council or the College, shall maintain confidentiality with respect to all information that comes to their knowledge regarding patients, and with respect to all matters that come to their knowledge relating to a peer assessment pursuant to section 62.1 except,

           (a) in connection with the administration of this Part, and the regulations or proceedings thereunder;             


           (b) to one’s own legal counsel;             

           (c) as otherwise required by law;

           (d) with the consent of the person to whom the information relates;

           (e) as may be authorized by the Council or the Registrar if disclosure is considered to be in the public interest; or

           (f)  to the Minister of Health where it appears to the Council or the Registrar that the information should be disclosed.