Medical Act

31(1) The Council shall keep a register called the Corporations Register.

31(2) The Council may make regulations

(a) requiring the filing of periodic returns by corporations registered in the Corporations Register;

(b) providing for the annual renewal of licences issued under this section, and prescribing the terms and conditions upon which renewals may be granted; and

(c) prescribing the types of names by which

(i) a professional corporation,

(ii) a partnership of two or more professional corporations, or

(iii) a partnership of one or more professional corporations and one or more individual practitioners

may be known.

31(3) The Council may direct the Registrar to enter in the Corporations Register the name and address of any corporation which
(a) submits to the Registrar an application in the form prescribed by Council;

(b) pays the prescribed fees;

(c) satisfies the Registrar that it is a corporation in good standing under the Business Corporations Act or the Companies Act;

(d) satisfies the Registrar that the articles or other constituting documents of the corporation do not prevent the corporation from rendering the same medical services to the public that a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick is authorized to render;

(e) satisfies the Registrar that the name of the corporation contains the words "Professional Corporation", "Prof. Corp." or "P.C." or appropriately depicts, in accordance with the regulations, that it is engaged in the practice of medicine;

(f) satisfies the Registrar that the legal and beneficial ownership of all the issued voting shares, and all rights incidental to the ownership of the voting shares, of the professional corporation are vested exclusively

(i) in one or more members or the College, or

(ii) in corporations where the legal and beneficial ownership of all the issued voting shares, and all rights incidental to the ownership of the voting shares, of the corporations are vested in one or more members of the College,

and that no less than two-thirds of the directors of the professional corporation and all of the corporations holding voting shares in the professional corporation are at all times members of the College; and

(g) satisfies the Registrar that the persons who will carry on the practice of medicine or osteopathy on behalf of the corporation are members of the College.

31(4) For the purposes of paragraph 3(g), the practice of a member of the College shall be deemed not to be carried on by clerks, secretaries, nurses and other assistants employed by the corporation to perform services which are not usually and ordinarily consider by law, custom or practice to be services which may be performed only by a member of the College.

31(5) Upon receiving a direction from Council mentioned in subsection (3), the Registrar shall

(a) enter the name and address of the corporation named therein, in the Corporation Register; and

(b) issue a licence to such corporation for such period, and upon such conditions as Council may direct.
31(6) A licence issued under subsection (5) expires on December 31 of the year for which it was issued.

31(7) Where any of the conditions specified in subsection (3) no longer exist, the Registrar may revoke a licence issued under subsection (5) or withhold its renewal.

31(8) Where a professional corporation no longer qualifies under subsection (3), the Registrar may revoke the licence of the professional corporation.

31(9) A corporation to which a licence is granted under this section may practise medicine its own name, subject to any conditions or limitations contained in such licence.

31(10) Where the licence of a corporation is revoked, or its renewal withheld pursuant to this section, the Registrar shall endorse the Corporations Register accordingly and send notice of same by ordinary mail to the last known address of the corporation, and to the Minister of Health, and for all purposed the corporation shall be deemed to be no longer licensed as of the fourteenth day after the mailing of notice.