Medical Act

25(1) The Council may direct the Registrar to enter in the Medical Register the name, address and qualifications of any person who
(a) is a graduate of a medical, or osteopathic medical, school approved by Council;

(b) has completed a program of pre-registration physician training satisfactory to Council;

(c) if applicable, produces a certificate under the hand of the Registrar of the Medical Council of Canada, that his name appears in the Canadian Medical Register in pursuance of the Canada Medical Act, R.S.C. 1952, chapter 27;

(d) produces a letter of good standing from the Jurisdiction in which he has practised medicine prior to applying under this section;

(e) satisfies Council that he possesses the qualifications required for registration in the Medical Register, and

(f) complies with the requirements of section 34.

25(2) Upon receiving a direction from Council mentioned in subsection (1), the Registrar shall

(a) enter the name, address and qualifications of the person named therein in the Medical Register; and

(b) issue a licence to such person for such period, and upon such conditions as Council may direct.