Medical Act

21.1(1) There shall be a standing committee of Council designated as the Executive Committee.

21.1(2) The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President who will be Chairman, the Vice-President who will be Vice-Chairman, and not less than two and not more than four other members of Council appointed by the Council at least one of whom was appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council under paragraph 8(1)(c).

21.1(3) All members of the Executive Committee are entitled to vote at meetings.

21.1(4) A majority of the members of the Executive Committee constitutes a quorum to carry on the business of the Committee.

21.1(5) Subsections 7(8), (9), (10) and (11) apply to the Executive Committee.

21.1(6) Between meetings of Council, the Executive Committee has all the powers of Council with respect to any matter that, in the Committee's opinion, requires attention, other than the power to make, amend or revoke a regulation.

21.1(7) If the Executive Committee exercises a power of the Council under subsection (6), it shall report on its actions to the Council at the Council's next meeting.

21.1(8) Any action of the Executive Committee in exercise of its powers under subsection (6) is deemed to be an action of Council for all purposes of this Act.