Medical Act

55.6(1)  The Registrar, or his delegate, after giving written notice to the administration of the Regional Health Authority or to the Minister of Health, may, for purposes of investigating the medical care provided to a patient by a physician,


(a) inspect and receive information from the medical records, or from notes, charts, and other material relating to patient care, reproduce and retain copies thereof;

(b) interview hospital staff and medical staff with respect to the admission, treatment, care, conduct and control and discharge of patients, or any class of patients and the general management of the hospital insofar as it relates to the hospitalization of the patient or patients whose care and treatment are being investigated by the College; and


(c) obtain information collected by the Minister of Health pursuant to the provisions of the Medical Services Payment Act pertaining to the practice of the member or associate member and with respect to any patient of the member or associate member.