Given Names
Anderson Peter A.M. Urology Nova Scotia
Ashamalla Shady Surgical Oncology Ontario
Atkins Harold Internal Medicine Ontario
Baratz Ari Obstetrics and Gynecology Ontario
Betschel Stephen D. Internal Medicine/ Clinical Immunology and Allergy Ontario
Bezuhly Michael Plastic Surgery Nova Scotia
Breau Rodney H. Urology Ontario
Chaparro Cecilia Respiratory Medicine Ontario
Chiasson Meredith D. Respiratory Medicine Nova Scotia
Chih Sharon Cardiology Ontario
Chow Chung-Wai Respirology Ontario
Christie Sean Dennis Neurosurgery Nova Scotia
Chung Peter Radiation Oncology Ontario
Coburn Natalie S.G. Surgical Oncology Ontario
Colman Rebecca Respiratory Medicine Ontario
Crooks Bruce Neville Paediatrics Nova Scotia
Cusimano Robert J. Cardiovascular Surgery Ontario
Cypel Marcelo Thoracic Surgery Ontario
Darling Gail Thoracic Surgery Ontario
Davies Dafydd A. Paediatric/ General Surgery Nova Scotia
Dawson Laura Radiation Oncology Ontario
Dhani Neesha C. Medical Oncology Ontario
Dyack Sarah Medical Genetics Nova Scotia
Fasano Alfonso Neurology Ontario
Fedoroff John Paul Psychiatry Ontario
Finley Allen Anesthesiology Nova Scotia
Forrest Christopher Plastic Surgery Ontario
Gopalakrishnan Sathish Hematology Ontario
Grant David Robert Genral Surgery Ontario
Granton John T. Internal Medicine/Respirology Ontario
Greig Paul David General Surgery Ontario
Gula Lorne Radiation Oncology Ontario
Guttman Mark Neurology Ontario
Hamilton Robert James Urology Ontario
Hawkins Ralph G. Internal Medicine/Nephrology Alberta
Herschorn Sender Urology Ontario
Juvet Stephen  Respirology  Ontario
Katzman Martin Psychiatry Ontario
Kim Sang Joseph Nephrology Ontario
Klein George Cardiology Ontario
Klotz Laurence Urology Ontario
Konvalinka Ana Nephrology Ontario
Koyle Martin A. Urology Ontario
Krueger Joerg Pediatric Oncology Ontario
Krzyzanowska Monika Medical Oncology Ontario
Langer Jacob Paediatric Surgery Ontario
Laperriere Normand Radiation Oncology Ontario
Law Calvin How Lim Surgical Oncology Ontario
Leong-Sit Peter Cardiology Ontario
Lheureux Stephanie Medical Oncology Ontario
Logan Karl J. Orthopedic Surgery Nova Scotia
MacLellan Dawn Urology Nova Scoita
Manlucu Jaimie Cardiology Ontario
Martinu Tereza Respiratory Medicine Ontario
McGilvray Ian D. General Surgry Ontario
McNeely P. Daniel  Neurosurgery Nova Scotia
Mills Jessica Louise A. General Surgery Nova Scotia
Murphy David A. Anesthesiology Ontario
Osten Mark Cardiology Ontario
Parkash Sandhya Medical Genetics / Paediatrics Nova Scotia
Poirier Charles Respirology / Internal Medicine Quebec
Rao Vivek Cardio Vascular Surgery Ontario
Riazi Sheila Anaesthesiology Ontario
Rockman-Greenberg Cheryl Medical Genetics Nova Scotia
Romao Rodrigo Luiz Pinto General Surgery/Urology Nova Scotia
Seviour Jane Clare Anesthesiology Nova Scotia
Shapera Shane Respiratory Medicine Ontario
Sidhu Amandeep Respiratory Medicine Ontario
Singer Lianne Respiratory Medicine Ontario
Taylor Lorraine Psychiatry Ontario
Tikkanen Jussi Matras Respirology Ontario
Tulipan Tanya M. Psychiatry Nova Scotia
Weiss Shelly K. Pediatric Neurology Ontario
Wheelock Margaret E. Plastic Surgery Nova Scotia
Wong Rebecca Kwok Sum Radiation Oncology Ontario
Wright Alistair "Stuart" Pediatric Anesthesia Nova Scotia

General Information

Address all correspondence to

Dr. Ed Schollenberg, Registrar
College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick
One Hampton Road, Suite 300
Rothesay, NB E2E 5K8 

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Hours of Operation

Mon. to Thu.: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 1pm